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Clean Boats Clean Waters

Three Hours Makes A Difference!

An Invitation From Ken

When you are at your lake home, are you ever just sitting on your pier watching the boats and the water?   Maybe you're sitting on your deck or boathouse roof working on your tan.   You could be doing the same thing, and at the same time giving all of us the benefit of protecting the main reason we are all here – that is Fence Lake, along with all the other lakes on the chain.

You could be meeting fun people that share your interests.  Meet neighbors you didn't know you have. You could bring your family, and have a picnic.   Or, make it a tailgate party.   Not to mention the fantastic entertainment possibilities watching folks who only back up a trailer once or twice a year!

First you need a little training. There are usually a few in-person sessions in the spring, along with some online sessions. There are also several videos available at the UW Stevens Point web site.   Just do a search on “UW CBCW” and look for the “” Extension Lakes. The training usually takes about 2 hours, and counts towards your “Volunteer Time”.

I can help you get started. Contact me at [email protected]
I'll get back to you. I'll put you on the list of volunteers and keep you informed of upcoming training opportunities. When the time comes that you want to spend some time at the ramp, you let me know. Your first time we'll get together at the ramp and I'll show you how easy and fun it is to start protecting the lake.

Everyone I know that tried it, liked it. I really hope you'll consider putting just a little bit of your summer into helping protect our lakes. It only takes one careless person to launch their boat with an AIS attached to ruin the lakes forever,
for everyone.

You could be the person that prevents it.

Contact me:
Ken Frauenhoffer at [email protected]
 “CBCW Volunteer” in the subject line